We offer an international guarantee on all products. The standard warranty for products is 12 months. An extension of the guarantee can also be purchased as an option.

How can I claim a guarantee for a product?

If you have any problem with the product, please contact us by email first. In most cases, problems are the result of a lack of information or improper use of the camera. Let us help you. Together we can determine whether a guarantee return is possible for the product.

Send us pictures and a description of what is wrong with the camera to our e-mail address: info@jagdkamera.eu

In the event that the problem cannot be resolved by email, we will provide you with the service address to which you must send the camera. (Shipping costs are borne by the customer)

In addition to the product, please send us a description of the problem, a copy of the invoice and your contact details so that we can contact you and know where to return the product.